On the 15 April 2015 the newly updated General Permitted Development Order came into force.

The main changes are:

  • The date for the expiry of the time-limited permitted development right for larger home extensions has been extended, it now expires on 30 May 2019
  • The previous time-limited permitted development rights for extensions to non-domestic premises (offices, shops, industrial buildings and schools, etc.) have been made permanent
  • A number of new changes of Use – including the following changes of use:
    • Class A1 (retail), betting shop, pay day loan shop (no longer A2, both now Sui Generis) or casino to Class A3 (Cafés/Restaurants)
    • Updated and wider rights to allow Class A1 to Class A2 (financial and professional services)
    • Betting shops and pay day loan shops to Class A2
    • Class A1, betting office or pay day loan shop to D2 (Assembly and leisure)
    • Amusement Arcade or Centre, or Casino (Sui Generis) to Class C3 (Dwellinghouses)
    • Class B8 (Storage and Distribution) to Class C3
  • Erection of click and collect facilities within the curtilages of shops
  • Modification of the sizes of shop loading bays
  • Replacement of plant or machinery and buildings on Sui Generis waste management facilities
  • Solar Photovoltaics array on the roofs of non-domestic buildings
  • Temporary filming for commercial purposes including the construction and removal of sets

However, it is important to note that the period for implementation for the residential conversion of offices has not been extended, and is still set to expire on 30 May 2016.

As with the previous amendments to the GPDO the general shift is towards encouraging greater flexibility between certain use classes and a move towards supporting residential uses. Changes to residential use are now permitted development (although some requiring Prior Approval) from the following uses:

  • A1 (Retail)
  • A2 (Financial and Professional Services)
  • B1 (Business) although this is time limited
  • B8 (Storage and Distribution) (New provision)
  • C4 (small Houses in Multiple Occupation)
  • Sui Generis:
    • Agricultural buildings
    • Amusement Arcade (New provision)
    • Betting shop or pay day loan shop
    • Casinos (New provision)

Also note-worthy, in addition to the above, are the amendments to allow more changes from the A1 (retail) use, which has traditionally been tightly controlled, to allow change to A2 (Financial and Professional Services), A3 (Cafés/Restaurants) or D2 (Assembly and leisure) (in some circumstances).

As with all issues in planning the permitted development rights are littered with caveats and limitations, so if you thinking about undertaking any development involving these changes why not give us a call to discuss your plans and we can assess whether your proposals require further consideration.