Depending on the nature of your proposal, the local authority may require you to provide for infrastructure improvements to mitigate the impact of the proposed development.

These developer contributions (referred to as Planning Obligations) may be secured by the local authority through a fixed tariff Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL contribution) or, if it is a site specific requirement such as improvements to highway access, pedestrian crossings, etc., the local authority may require the applicant to enter into a legal agreement to secure those works or a financial contribution.

Tanner & Tilley can advise you on whether such Planning Obligations are reasonably required. We can advise you and your legal representative on these matters and on the preparation of the legal agreement.

We can also provide you with advice on the phasing of payment of contributions and negotiate this with the local authority on your behalf.

Where the Planning Obligations sought by the local authority is unreasonable or likely to threaten the viability of your proposal, we can help you by negotiating with the local authority to reduce the Planning Obligation, and where necessary prepare a viability assessment in support of those negotiations.

Our approved scheme is not proceeding because the existing Planning Obligation / S.106 agreement makes the scheme unviable!

Let Tanner & Tilley re-negotiate your existing legal agreement with the local authority to get your project moving.