What are my chances of success?
How much will it cost?
How long will it take?

Tanner & Tilley can provide you with sound advice on the likely chances of a successful appeal or application. We provide our Clients with advice on the appropriate appeal procedure; the likely timescale involved; and overall budget costs, helping you take an informed decision on the risk involved.

Tanner & Tilley’s many years’ experience can guide you on the appropriate planning appeal strategy, and advise and appoint on your behalf any specialist witnesses you may need.

Our Appeals service includes:-

  • Initial consultation advice and guidance on appeal strategy
  • Background and policy research
  • Preparation and submission of Grounds of Appeal
  • Appointment of specialist consultants and expert witnesses
  • Preparation of Statements of Case and Proofs of Evidence
  • Coordination of Witness Statements and Proofs of Evidence
  • Direct Access to Counsel for Public Inquiries
  • Presentation of planning evidence at Hearings and Public Inquiries