Tanner & Tilley Town Planning have gained an approval at New Forest Farm Machinery in Ringwood for 2 two-storey extensions to the main building together with a new machinery storage building and covered yard at the rear of the site.

This approval will allow this thriving local business the opportunity to expand and grow which is a key principle of the NPPF which seeks to encourage and not act as an impediment to sustainable growth by placing significant weight on the need to support economic growth through the planning system.

Katie Whitney of Tanner & Tilley Town Planning commented that ““I am delighted to have been able to assist the owners of New Forest Farm Machinery in obtaining planning permission to expand the size of the buildings and guarantee the future viability of the business. The application attracted support from the Parish Council and local customers, and that serves to confirm what a valuable facility the business is for the local community.”

The owners of New Forest Farm Machinery were absolutely delighted at the decision and commented that “we have been keen to enhance the facilities at our excellent location and this will accommodate growth in a safe and secure environment “

If you would like any more information on this or any other planning matter please call 01202 430348 or email planners@tanner-tilley.co.uk