Christchurch and East Dorset are reviewing their Local Plan. They want to hear from you if you have suggestions you have for potential Local Plan allocations for housing, employment, retail, open spaces, suitable alternative natural greenspace, or for mixed use development.

If you are a land owner this is your chance to put forward sites in the Christchurch and East Dorset area for inclusion in future versions of the Local Plan and Core Strategy.

The Councils’ are also keen to hear from people if there are any matters which they feel have not been identified in the scoping document, or if there are particular issues they consider it is important to have policies for.

Submissions must be made to the Council by 9 November 2016.

If you have a site which you would like to promote to the Council we can help prepare a submission to support your site and help increase your chances of the Council viewing it favourably, simply get in touch for further information. Contact us now