Angel Care have obtained planning permission for 9 Extra Care apartments and a pair of Extra Care houses on former Water Company land in Melton, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. The Water Company had originally obtained planning consent for 11 dwellings on the site. Having acquired the site Angel Care originally intended to simply renew that consent. However acting on the advice of Tanner and Tilley it was decided to promote an Extra Care development thereby avoiding the payment of CIL and a contribution to affordable housing provision.

Tanner and Tilley had previously obtained planning permission for Angel Care to build a 55 bed Care Home on the adjoining site. It followed that there was an obvious synergy between the two sites whereby the domiciliary care services for the future residents of the Extra Care development could be provided from the Care Home. This care could thus be CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered. Such services could include not only personal care but the provision of meals either by delivery from the Care home or by enabling residents to use the Care Home’s restaurant. Such arrangements would enhance the overall viability of both developments.

The genuine care packages offered to future residents who themselves would be in need of such care was such as to persuade Suffolk Coastal District Council – the Local Planning Authority to accept without argument that the development fell within Class C2 of the Use Classes Order.