Tanner & Tilley helped to host a Public Exhibition for AFC Bournemouth in order to publicise their proposals for a variety of changes to training facilities and a new pavilion at the Goldsands Stadium, Kings Park on Friday 5 June. The event was attended by 15 Councillors and nearly two hundred members of the public. Most of the Comments received were positive and supportive of the Club’s need to make changes to comply with Premier League regulations.

Following the recent success of the Cherries, AFC Bournemouth is proposing a number of changes to the ground and training pitches in order to bring facilities in line with Premier League requirements. A summary of proposals includes:

  • Creation of a new first team training pavilion
  • Improved privacy and screening around training pitches
  • Installation of a broadcasting compound, TV studio and boiler room for under-pitch heating.

In order to ensure as many people were aware of the exhibition as possible leaflets were delivered to the surrounding roads near the ground, around 400 in total. An advert and a piece appeared in the Local paper and ITV news covered the event for their main bulletin.

A private screening and a tour took place for Councillors’, before the general public were invited to view and comment on the proposals. On hand to answer any questions were representatives from Tanner & Tilley Planning Consultants, as well as from Brightspace Architects, both firms who have been involved in the preparation of the schemes.

Helen Harris from Tanner & Tilley Planning Consultants stated that; “Working closely with the Council and from an early stage has allowed us to achieve a level of understanding of the project which we hope will stand us in good stead when it comes to decision time. We have now collated the comments from the public, and in particular the residents close to the Park, to give us their feedback on the proposals so we can take them into consideration. We hope they’ll respond positively to the proposals and continue to support the club as it takes on the next challenge of the Premier League. The main comments were around the community usage of the pitches and the Football Club is considering these comments in order to come to some compromise with the community. Other concerns were over the screening of the pitches and we’re working with the club and architects to minimise any effects the screening may have on the wider appearance of the park.”

AFC Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn said “Following the most incredible season in the football club’s history that resulted in our promotion to the Premier League, the club were faced with a number of decisions in relation to the facilities at the stadium. Having given careful consideration on a number of options we believe the provisions we have made are sympathetic to local residents and members of the public alike. Whilst making a decision not to expand the capacity of the stadium this season, there are several changes the club has had to make to ensure we comply with a number of Premier League requirements, in addition to ensuring the team has a facility worthy of a club that is totally committed to be competitive at the highest level. As a football club, we recognise our role at the heart of the community and therefore we are looking forward to inviting local people into the club to share with them the proposed changes before work commences.”

Speaking of her involvement Carlie O’Neill Associate Seven PR commented that, “This is an exciting time for the club and the fans and we are all delighted to be involved in this project which will bring only benefits to our town.”